Parking Solutions and Enforcement


Disabled bay line marking

Whether your land is paved, gravel, asphalt, grass, or woodchip; we can help you regain control of it, its users and should you choose, we could even generate you some revenue in the process. Our bespoke management service can be adapted to suit your needs, unlike most operators we’ll cover any land you own from the smallest driveway to size of an airstrip. We offer a full range of contracting services covering the application of thermoplastic road markings of all types, with anti-skid materials used to British Standard and fully compliant with the Road Traffic Act. We can turn your land into a car park over night with using partnerships with Autocad designers and state-of-the-art technology. We can design, supply, install, and maintain the signage for use as a deterrent and during parking enforcement. We work with you to finalise the wording and positioning of any signage installed. Due to British Parking Association guidelines, all basic signage design elements must be uniform throughout PS24’s operations.

Here is a perfect example of one of our newly marked and signed disabled bays…

Cashless parking- park savvy 24

Park savvy 24 is the new way to pay for parking from parking solutions 24. Park savvy 24 is a browser based cashless payment system, where you can register an account and keep track of your parking sessions, print receipts, and even pay for parking in advance! The park savvy 24 system operates in real time and provides a manual override option, so the enforcers always have the most-up-to-date information, and you are always in control. Provide your drivers with preferred rates based on their eligibility and permissions. Easily accommodate special access for residents or city staff and validate the status of user groups such as disabled parkers or car sharers.

Enforcement- new employees (on- foot enforcement)

Our fully trained and professional enforcement officers can patrol your land/car parks and manually issue parking charge notices to vehicles in contravention of the terms and conditions set by you. Our in-house developed app is used to check for payments, permits or exemptions- as well as to issue parking charge notices to vehicles; all in one app! Here are two new employees of the on-foot enforcement team.