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In my opinion, the original narrative talked out-of an unknown precious young buck out-of an enthusiastic unfamiliar mother, who was simply actually sacrificed

In my opinion, the original narrative talked out-of an unknown precious young buck out-of an enthusiastic unfamiliar mother, who was simply actually sacrificed

In the original customs out-of Genesis 24, new wealth lavished abreast of Rebecca presumably based on Isaac’s individual, independent riches

There are other some incongruous areas of that it final point of one’s story which might be well worth listing. Such as for example, besides the cryptic reference to Rebecca’s “mother’s domestic” in the verse twenty eight, it is merely inside verses 53 and you may 55 that Rebecca’s mommy in fact seems and you may speaks, though she remains nameless. And Laban no longer is described by name, but merely just like the “their sister.” Once more, merely for the verse 61 do we hear one Rebecca was a keen aristocratic lady with a complete entourage off “maidens.” It’s about a while stunning one to eg a highbred woman perform wade, unaccompanied, towards the popular better of city, and you will individually draw water and supply drink so you’re able to a stranger and his camels. Fundamentally, verses 59–60 checks out, “So they delivered the brother den hГ¤r sidan Rebecca on her method, along with her nurse… And so they privileged Rebecca and you will believed to their particular, “Our brother, could possibly get you increase in order to plenty on many; may your own offspring hold the urban centers of the opponents.” Thus giving the feeling you to multiple private brothers otherwise kinsmen was in fact mixed up in matrimony dealings, even if we listen to nothing of those until this aspect. No less than some of these special enjoys may be grounded on the latest presumed very early tradition. (It could be indexed, yet not, you to verse 61a, and therefore presents Rebecca’s maidens just like the travel into the [ten] camels [cf. v. 10], coincides badly on the proven fact that the slave is followed by a keen entourage away from “men” (cf. vv. thirty two, 54, 59). Just how did these types of dudes take a trip back to Canaan if Rebecca’s maidens moved on the camels? 61b, “the fresh new slave got Rebecca and you will ran” is actually a simultaneous so you can v. 61a, and derives in the before adaptation.)

This article marketing mostly into versatility off Isaac off Abraham because the seen due to a critical research regarding Gen twenty six. I do believe that the exact same condition adheres to the storyline regarding the new “joining out-of Isaac” regarding Gen twenty-two. Interpreters have long grappled towards the strange fact that God’s request one Abraham sacrifice Isaac contradicts his or her own promise that he would make of Isaac, new young buck off Sarah, an excellent nation. There is certainly absolutely nothing paradoxical about any of it demand, as this merely child is never bound to be much more than just Abraham’s heir. At a secondary stage was it son identified with Sarah’s son, Isaac, the new young man of your covenant, and you can, properly, protected at the last minute. Likewise, the first covenant away from circumcision during the Genesis 17 failed to tend to be passages 15-21, and that identify that covenant would remain exclusively as a consequence of Sarah and you will her son, Isaac. It conceived away from Abraham given that dad off a multitude of circumcised peoples rather than that private country. I’m hoping to enhance within these records somewhere else afterwards. Toward freedom from Abraham regarding the Isaac culture note together with brand new references in order to Abraham alone in the, inter alia, Psalm ; Isa. 51:2; Ezek. .

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We’re going to not thought right here the question out-of although Isaac and Jacob was in fact immediately after entirely separate of one yet another. The new data was linked to each other, outside of Genesis, in Amos eight:nine, 16, in the event they aren’t necessarily concept of there since dad and you can young buck.

Moreover, the past publisher out of Genesis 24 sought to provide Abraham maybe not merely just like the Isaac’s father, and in addition once the way to obtain all of that is actually his (vv. 34–36), which is the same variety of modifying we see in the Genesis twenty six, and therefore recasts Isaac’s achievement when you look at the looking wells as an act regarding re-digging their dad, Abraham’s wells.

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