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Let’s say good Johnnys wants to marry?

Let’s say good Johnnys wants to marry?

With all such, I discover a pattern of your Johnnys dating the same woman getting a lifetime, occasionally managing brand new woman

Today, at this point many people on western would say on this point “That is so completely wrong! They ought to be capable wed and you will big date anyone who they require!” Its real, however in fact when they should remain their job, they should stay glued to these types of legislation. Even when Johnnys get in on the company within an early age, in advance of it debut it generally know what he is getting into. Whenever they can’t stand you to definitely, then they can leave the new agencies. Of several Johnnys have done one to prior to now for various grounds. Obtaining photo try aside of job, unfortunately. Anyone else you’ll state “Oh! Well, capable simply transform administration or end”. Because the Johnnys was basically increased to do this out-of a young years, most of them only have a highschool knowledge, although it has started to become typical to have Johnnys to see college or university, which can be in fact encouraged because of the service today. Because of that, they don’t have the ability to transform work easily while the becoming an enthusiastic idol is he has got recognized. As for government, it is very tough to change from Johnnys with other management and you may continue to have a comparable level of situations and popularity which they had previously, while the Johnnys has a huge your hands on the business inside the The japanese while the “previous Johnnys” sticks eg glue. Referring to Johnnys, and other idol businesses, getting a corporate, even if a rather severe fact.

Along with however in the event, not totally all pledge was missing! Johnnys Carry out time. They just exercise out of the personal attention. Johnnys features received partnered prior to, however, there are certain requirements that have to be fulfilled and you may often you can find unique issues that occurs that they have to get married (as to the see).

You’ll find some Johnnys which have obtained married during the during the last, such as for instance Kimura Takuya from SMAP, Inohara Yoshihiko regarding V6, and you will Tatsuya Yamaguchi out-of TOKIO (UPDATE: whether or not the guy got a splitting up away from their partner in 2016, and you can TOKIO member Kokubun Taichi had ). I think you will find some other people, but these would be the current of those, along with Jin. (Kokubun Taichi could have been dating their today wife to possess 2 decades prior to he had been permitted to get married) They tend discover married within mid-ish 30’s (or later on), and their admirers is older as well. This is why this new idol engaged and getting married gets less of good accountability on the agencies as they get older, because they are already centered idols, as well as their group of fans is continuing to grow with all of them and are also probably hitched on their own. More youthful groups will always be very valuable as they have not strike its height out-of dominance but really (most of the time) in addition to their group of followers is still young and you will unmarried (meaning maybe not married) making it a lot more of an accountability into the department to own little idols to acquire hitched, since fans will likely loose desire when the their idol gets married at a younger years.

Certain already premiered Johnnys have decided to leave the new company as really, never having dating and marriage reasons though

Are you aware that timing of your relationships, it tell the latest company days, possibly many years beforehand once they plan to get married. Like that, the latest agency is able to expose the wedding. The fresh different regarding the was Kimura Takuya, and that appeared as a surprise. Their condition is much like Jin; their most recent girlfriend was expecting and so they out of the blue got hitched due to the fact of that. The essential difference between Jin and Kimura Takuya is that Kimura Takuya asserted that he had been thinking about marriage along with his girlfriend for a time, before looking up the newest pregnancy. Even with these circumstances, Kimura Takuya went through Johnnys prior to going finished with the marriage, however, Jin didn’t. (UPDATE: Kokubun Taichi had waited years to get married their newest wife before it got married plus sent a notice credit to help you everybody in the fanclub if the announcement took place.)

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